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Utopia Knife Set

The Utopia knife set is a terrific 10-piece knife set for your kitchen, with sharp german stainless steel knives, you'll have everything you need to do your best work without fear of injuries.

Utopia Kitchen 12 Piece Knife Set

This 12 piece knife set is top-grade for enthusiasts who itch to create a modern, high-tech utopia, the knives are made from durable acrylic, and are backed by a warranty. Plus, there are six stainless steel blades that will take you to the edge of your knife skills, the Utopia kitchen 6-piece knife set is excellent for individuals who desire cookery. The set includes a steak knife, knife set, spoon, fork, and other kitchen supplies, the knife sets are boxed, making them basic to take with you wherever you go. This is an outstanding set of 12 kitchen knives that are in top-of-the-heap condition, they are all very sharp and look to have a very highlighter story. The blades are braid with a black anodize and there are 4 blades, they all have a black apron and black anodize to them. There is a pewter piece and black anodize on each blade, the pewter is in terrific condition and all the blades are very sharp. There is a small hole in the middle of one blade which i believe was used for a knife set or shears, i also found a small hole in one blade due to him being used as a shear. I believe that this blade was used for a multitool or some other tool, all the blades are very sharp and very clean. There is a small mark on one blade that i believe was used for a sharpener, i believe that this blade was used for a multitool. The Utopia kitchen knife set extends 8 professional serrated steak knives, it is first-class for an admirer who wants a simple and efficient kitchen knife set. The knives are made of premium steel and clip for effortless carrying.