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Hunting Knife Set

This Hunting knife set is puissant for folks who itch to be able to handle a knife with ease and precision, the blade is fabricated of durable materials that will never rust, while the next-generation of the throwing knife series offers years of use experience. The knife provides a black anodized finish and is filled with features and benefits that make it an ideal way for the outdoorsman or outdoors woman.

Deer Skinning Knife Set

This deer skinning knife set includes 12 knives with kunai combat tactical sheath, each knife is named for a different type of deer and offers a variety of navy blue text on the sheath. The set includes the following: -deer skinning knife -kunai combat tactical knife -tower knife -pistol knife -shark knife -vulture knife -osprey knife with sheath the deer skinning knife set is designed to provide year-round hunters with options for use their knife hands effectively, this gutting knife set is a top set of two-piece fixed daggers that is sensational for both belt sheaths and self-defense. The sets include a double-defense tactical dagger knife and a sheath for your surrogate of belt or bag, the dagger knife set is unequaled for use in the field, while the sheath set is fantastic for use as a belt sheath. This deer Hunting knife set is excellent for people who yearn to enjoy the deer in its natural surroundings, the set includes a gut hook, skin hook, and game knife. This deer knife set includes an 2 pcs bone handle Hunting bowie knife set s with leather sheath, this set is first-rate for the outdoorsman or hunter who needs to skin, capture, or game. The knife set also includes a sheath for ease of wear and carrying.