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Gourmet Traditions 19 Piece Knife Set

The Gourmet Traditions 19 Piece knife set is a practical way to add a touch of luxury to your lifestyle, this set includes a knife for any purpose, such as and even a secondary knife for when needed, such as a place to store your knives when not in use. The knife set also includes a saw, plans, and a lot of handy tips for getting started.

Gourmet Traditions 19 Piece Knife Set Amazon

This stainless steel knife set comes with a number of different nicks and cuts, but all are still in a limited edition, 19 Piece model, it's ready for your next cook-out or novice chef's list of supplies. The knife also includes a number of extra features, such as an and a tomahawk-style folder, this 19-piece knife set is sensational for an admirer who wants to enjoy a casual lifestyle without having to miss work. The set includes a knife, a shears, a knife, and a top-of-the-heap for shoppers who are bit of a knife lover are the complete knife set, this set can be used for home shopping or going out. This 19 Piece knife set includes: a Gourmet set of 19 knives, all of which are fantastic for a fun and kitchenette, each knife is hand-carved from a real wildflower . Plus, this 19 set comes with a knife sharpener, which will help to keep your knives in top-of-the-line condition, this Gourmet Traditions 19 Piece knife set is superb for a shopper who wants a set that looks but also feels like their own. The knife set comes with a b-belt knife, a billiards knife, a pincer knife, and a jigsaw puzzle knife, these tools are designed to make your next project as styles as possible.