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Cuisinart 7 Piece Metallic Color Stainless Knife Set

The Cuisinart classic 6- Piece Metallic Color Stainless knife set with blade guards is a first-rate substitute to protect your kitchen saves, this set includes an 6-pile Metallic Color Stainless steel knife, a blade guard and a gift opener. The set also includes a nappa leather notepad knife and a cheese knife.

Cuisinart 7 Piece Metallic Color Knife Set

This Cuisinart 7 Piece Metallic Color knife set is enticing for any kitchen, the knife set includes a single- blade knife, a set of guardless knives, and a plastic knife guard. The knife set is again including a sets of handle and credit card size knife blades, the knife set is unrivalled for shoppers who are searching for a stylish and efficient kitchen knife set. The Cuisinart colored Metallic 7 Piece knife set is top-of-the-line for any kitchen, this set includes 7 6 guards, and 1 urns. The set also includes a colored metal handle and spoon-ish, the knife set is sure to provide needed protection for your cooktop and is sure to be a source of entertainment for your kitchen. This Stainless steel knife set includes an 7-piece Metallic Color knife that is practical for your cooking needs, the blade guard gives a matching Metallic Color blade that is exceptional for hard cookers or for reaching your food during the cooking process. The set also includes a Cuisinart credit card shaped knife that is for used in the kitchen or for slicing onions or onions and pepper, Stainless knife set includes a lot of different colors and patterns. The sets is top for a different look in your kitchen or to add a touch of elegance to your food.