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Berghoff Essentials Knife Set

Introducing the Berghoff Essentials knife set! This is an unrivaled set for an individual scouring for a good quality knife at a reasonable price, the 7-pc knife block offers a good variety of knives to choose from, and the sharpener helps to keep your blades sharp. This set is sure to provide a first rate deal for your shopping cart.

Berghoff Santoku Knife Set

This set of two Berghoff santoku knives is an exceptional way to have some essential knife skills at the ready, the knives are made of stainless steel and come with a sharpener to help keep your knife skills sharp. This Berghoff essential knife set is a splendid alternative to have a few different options when it comes to knife skills, the set includes an 7-piece stainless steel knife block and a carabiner key rate. The block can be used to secure knives in different ways, while the key rate ensures your knife always secure, this Berghoff Essentials knife set includes an 30 stainless steel knife and an 3 it is superb for colder and is designed to provide a little bit of protection for your food. This Berghoff Essentials knife set is a sterling alternative to have some essential tools for your kitchen, the set includes a cutlery knife block and a Berghoff essential knife, which makes it a sensational surrogate to have both new and experienced chefs on your side. This set also includes a parenteral food contact lens and a few other small items to make your gardening and cooking skills a bit more.